Engine Overhaul Gasket Set B7AZ-6008-ST

Engine Overhaul Gasket Set - Ford 215 & ...

Includes the following gasket sets:  (215 & 223 6 Cylinder motor)

Head set: all the necessary gaskets and seals required to remove and replace the cylinder head and to grind the valves. Does not contain carburetor gaskets, carburetor PCV adapter block, or large tin 'bathtub' intake manifold gaskets.

Valve cover set: contains valve cover gasket(s) and any seals or grommets needed for installation.

Push-rod cover set: contains push-rod cover (valley cover - valley pan) gasket and any seals or grommets needed for installation.

Timing cover set: contains all gaskets and seals needed for removal and replacement of the timing cover. Will contain oil pan gasket replacement ends if the oil pan gasket must be replaced for proper installation.

Rear main seal set: contains rear main bearing seal and any attaching part gaskets or side seals.

Oil pan gasket set: contains oil pan gasket(s) oil drain plug gasket and oil pick-up tube gasket if required for removal and replacement of oil pan. 

Part number: B7AZ-6008-ST


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